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The Main Energy-saving Distribution Transformers

Energy-saving distribution transformers are mainly energy-saving oil-immersed transformers and amorphous alloy transformer.

Oil-immersed distribution transformers are divided into S9, S11 and S13 series according to their loss performance. Compared with the S9 series, the S11 series oil-immersed transformer is 20% lower, the S13 series transformer has 25% lower load than the S11 series. State Grid Corporation has been widely used S11 series distribution transformers, the next period of time, S11, S13 series oil-immersed distribution transformers will completely replace the S9 series.

Amorphous alloy transformers both the energy efficiency and economy, its significant feature is the low load loss. It is in line with national industrial policy and power grid energy saving requirements, is the ideal distribution transformer, especially for rural power grid and other place with low load rate. 

Distribution Transformer

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