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Dry-type Transformer Demand Continues to Increase

At present in China's development, due to the rural distribution network in the dry-type transformer application is relatively small, Therefore, on the whole, dry-type transformers account for between 10 and 15%. Although China's share of the market share is low, but by virtue of their excellent application conditions and performance, the total output of the dry-type transformers will have a certain degree of rise. It is expected that by 2020, China's dry market share will reach about 50%.

At present, Europe and the United States widely used open ventilation type H grade dry-type transformers, it is new dry transformers,based on the dip-based absorption of the characteristics of the package around the structure and the use of Nomex paper, as the high price, not yet in China to promote.

Although China's dry-type transformer development path is still long, but China's dry technology has reached the world advanced level, in the policy and technical guidance and development, dry-type transformers will broaden the market, gradually have a place in the international market.

H Grade Non-encapsulated Insulation Dry Type Transformer

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