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European-type Transformer Substation
European-type Transformer Substation European-type Transformer Substation European-type Transformer Substation European-type Transformer Substation European-type Transformer Substation European-type Transformer Substation European-type Transformer Substation European-type Transformer Substation European-type Transformer Substation
European-type Transformer Substation European-type Transformer Substation European-type Transformer Substation European-type Transformer Substation European-type Transformer Substation European-type Transformer Substation European-type Transformer Substation European-type Transformer Substation European-type Transformer Substation

European-type Transformer Substation

Product Introduction

Product introduction:

XBF1,YBM series combination substation, is a complete set of equipment making the optimal combination for high voltage switch, power transformer and low voltage switch.

European-type transformer substation is with such advantages complete sets of strong, small footprint, low investment, easy installation and maintenance, attractive appearance, strong weather resistance, etc. Our company can design semi-submerged or buried whole type substation based on special conditions, so as to avoid blocking the line of sight, electromagnetic interference.

Normal operational conditions

a, environment temperature:-25°C - +40°C;

b, altitude less than 1000 meters;

c, relative humidity less than 90% (+ 25 ℃), to allow short-term up to 100%;

d, installation place without risk of fire, explosion, chemical corrosion and severe shock

e ,discuss with us for special operational conditions

Product structure and appearance

● Product structure

• green, environment-friendly;

• has a distinct cultural atmosphere, be seamless with the surrounding environment, be security into the family of cell, has nice shape;

• give customers a feeling of home, due to its top is colorful tiles, wall use building structure materials, facades are pasted with cultural type granite or marble. It is a indispensable power energy design, but also a unique sculpture with highly ornamental value;

• green and environmental protection substation, its shape decoration reflects our company's essence of " customer first", corporation Identity are pleasant and eye-catching;

• our company's advanced transformer with high performance, maintenance-free, low loss, high overload capacity;

• high voltage is manufactured with high reliable and easy to operation, SF6 cabinet, GIS combination H.V. round-ring grids cabinet and overload switch.

● Substation inside structure

• High voltage chamber

High voltage chamber is equipped with XGN-12 type H.V. round-ring grid switch cabinet, with "five anti" functions. When install only one cabinet, it is terminal type; two or three, it is round-ring grids type; more than three, it has function of open and shut off, and can measure by shunting into the line. H.V. round-ring grid switch cabinet can install overload switches, fuses, grounding switches, surge arresters, mutual inductor , electric display and meter, watt-hour meter. If one fuse is blown, overload switch will break-brake automatically which can avoid lack-phase working accidents.

• Transformer chamber

Transformer chamber is equipped with dry or oil-immersed transformer, its top has fan which can automatically control temperature, temperature values can be set as desire. You can observe the oil level of oil-immersed transformer through the oil level mark or reflective mirror. And the transformer chamber has net door to avoid entering into uncarefully when observe

• Low voltage chamber

Low voltage chamber can be divided into with corridor type and without corridor type. Chamber inside has meter cabinet, master switch, outlet cabinet, fuse cabinet and contact cabinet(if has two transformers), which has the overall functions of a set of low-voltage switch devices. General, meter cabinet and master switch usually combine as a whole, the upper part is meter and meter box, the middle and lower part is automatic air switch, surge arresters, mutual inductor, fuse cabinet which can do automatic combination compensation of joint phase and branch phase through manual or automatic control. Capacity of capacitive reactive power compensation is generally 15 to 20% of that of the transformer, also can add or reduce capacity according to customers' requirement.

Main performance parameter

1Rated voltagekV6.106,10/0.40.4
2Rated currentA20-200115.5/4000100-4000
3Capacity of transformerkVA
4Rated short-circuit drop-out currentkA31.5,50
5Rated short-circuit colsing currentkA60

6Rated thermostability currentkA/s20/2
7Rated dynamic current(peak value)KA50
8Power frequency withstand voltage 1minKVH.V. loop 42          H.V.fracture 48

9Lightning impulse withstand voltageKVloop 75, fracture 48

10Protection level
11Noise level
dry type less than 65dB,
oil-immersed type less than 55dB

Introduction of products model

European-type Transformer Substation

European-type Transformer Substation

H.V. switch cabinet                                   Transformer                                                    L.V. cabinet

Products usage

XB(F1)-12,YBM-12 series high/low voltage prefabricated substation, is a new power transformer equipment developed by our company on the basis of absorbing domestic and foreign products advantages, combing the actual situation of our national electricity-providing. This product meets national standards of GB/T17467-2010《H.V/L.V prefabricated type substation》 ,DL/T537《Technology conditions of ordering 6-35kv box-type substation》 ,etc., as the power-supply terminal of 6-10kv round-ring radial grids; suits for high rise building residential quarters, factories and mines, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, parks, railway stations, airports, ports, oil fields and temporary facilities and other outdoor venues.

Capacity of
H.V. chamber
       assembly form
L.V. chamber
       assembly form
round-ring gridsY29002400313026302530
round-ring gridsY32002400343026302530
(dry type)
round-ring gridsY38002400343026302530

Notes: 1, more than 1000kVA, determine according to H.V and L.V outlet loops

2, Y is low voltage chamber without corridor, Z is low voltage chamber with corridor

3, this size uses 6-8 loops of L.V. outlet as example

4, length (A,C) of high voltage chamber with corridor need be added 700-800mm

Products structure assembly forms

European-type Transformer Substation

Form (one)

European-type Transformer Substation

Form (two)


Form (three)

European-type Transformer Substation

Form (four)


Form (five)

European-type Transformer Substation

Form (six)

Installation and Maintenance

● Combination(box-type) transformer substation, when you receive it, pls check whether it is damaged during the transportation, if you find somewhere is damaged, you must inform relevant departments to check the reason; if the product will not be installed immediately,  you should put it on a suitable place where need meet the conditions of normal operation.

● Installation of combination(box-type) substation should be based on the scheme of ordering and supplier's installation diagram; prepare the appropriate installed base and materials by users themselves; prepare grounding grids at the surrounding of base, grounding resistance not more than 4Ω.

● Lift the substation on the base, straighten and level, seal the gap between the substation and base by cement, and finally connect the cable.

● After complete the installation, you need crop some grass or trees around the substation to reduce sand to be blown into the substation inside, and it need be surrounded by fences.

● When complete the installation and maintenance , it should be examined and tested the following projects before put into operation:

1) check if the main body is complete and if the inside is clean

2) if operational mechanism is flexible, if it has phenomena of being jammed and operating force being too large

3) if connection and disconnection of main electrical equipments are reliable, accurate, flexible and normal

4) if changes and wiring polarity of meter and mutual inductor are correct, if electrical auxiliary joints are accurate and reliable, if setting value meets the requirements, if core of fuse is correct. Wiring of the main circuit and auxiliary circuit if meets the requirements of electrical schematics.

5) If all electrical installation bolts, nuts are tightened, electrical installations are secure, and whether it is damaged

6)guarantee resistance of all grounding system( main grounding points of every chamber and grounding conductor)  is less than 1Ω

7) every department should carry out pressure experiments according to relevant voltage level

between H.V chambers, voltage to earth is usually 42kV

transformer H.V to L.V, high voltage to earth is 28kV; low voltage is 3kV

between L.V chambers, voltage to earth is usually 2.5kV

voltage to earth of secondary-loop is 2kV

time of all above experiments are one minute.

8) use 500kV megger to meter low voltage loop and secondary loop, insulation resistance should be more than 2MΩ

9) sample the transformer's oil which is on work to analyze once a year; carry out  preventive tests for the arrester before thunderstorm season comes every year. Check the contact of overload switchgears every year and timely repair if has problems. Overload switchgear trips once , need timely repair contacting conditions of contacts. When the overload switchgear trips, firstly find out the reason, then can close after troubleshooting.

● Combination(box-type) substation must be operated and maintained by those qualified persons who have passed professional exanimations or who are approved according to prescribed procedures.

● Factory list of combination(box-type) substation

1) packing list

2) certificate of quality

3) introduction of product

4) electrical schematics, secondary wiring diagram and the installation base diagram

5) key of substation door and spare parts which are promised in the agreement

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